Construction Fintech PledgX Completes $570,000 Pre-Seed Funding

TORONTO, Ontario – [March 23, 2022] – PledgX Inc. PledgX today announced the completion of its pre-seed financing and financial assistance received from the Province of Ontario and the Federal Government of Canada. The firm has collectively secured $570,000 to support engineering and business development. The financing was led by founders and an angel investor.…More

Is the Private or Public Sector Right for You? 

Generally, the construction industry can be separated into two main segments: private sector and public sector. While the final product is ultimately the same, there are major differences that contractors should be aware of to make the best decisions on which projects to pursue.   What is Private Sector Construction?   Private sector construction encompasses all projects owned by a…More

How to Build Your Reputation as a Contractor

Just like any other business, construction is about sourcing opportunities and ensuring that your clients believe they have found the best company for the job. Winning contracts is the result of numerous factors working together which lead a client to select your company.  Based on our recent surveys with successful general contractors, here are the key factors that can impact your reputation and…More

6 tips to Grow Your Construction Business

Covid has been a dramatic factor in construction, but according to economists construction spending is on the rise dramatically, and it doesn’t seem like covid will be slowing it down. After interviewing several successful general contractors their consensus was that there is ample opportunity for growth in the private and government sectors. Here are six…More